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Mehndi And Haldi Hairstyle Ideas Just For You


Pre-wedding ceremonies like Haldi and Mehndi provide you the much-needed fun and excitement before the main wedding event. So, you can have some amusement with the exciting ceremonies with your close-knit guests. During the ceremony, you need to look your best with the perfect attire. But, without the right hairstyle, you cannot nail the look for the fun-filled event. When you give attention to the right attire, you also spend some time finding the perfect hairstyle that matches your attire and style. The wedding planner in Rajasthan can provide good pointers to select the right hairstyle for your trendy ceremony.

  • Half Braided And Half Down: While you may feel open hairstyle may make your ceremony messy, you are wrong. For a royal wedding, you may have chosen the wedding venues in Jaipur. Now, you need to opt for the perfect hairstyle that goes well with the pre-wedding ceremonies. The twisty half braided hairstyle with half down looks tidy and regal. The braided hairstyle leaves the rest of the hair open. It suits the attire you choose for the pre-wedding ceremonies.
    Half Braided And Half Down

  • Messy Bun: Bun hairstyles are best for the pre-wedding ceremony as you can carry your style with no fuss or no mess. You can opt for the stylish buns that will enhance your charm with your attire. The messy is one of the easiest one to make you look chick without trying hard. The wedding planner in Goa can suggest the style that will keep people guessing on how you have perfected a cool look. You can leave the wisps of hair from your bun to make it look natural and real. And the most attractive part, you never have to worry about styling it or taking care of it during the function.

  • Pinned Wavy Look: Are you a modern bride? Then, you can rock the look that looks natural and beautiful. It is perfect for a sophisticated pre-wedding event held at the wedding venues in Jaipur. You just need to dry your hair with the blow dryer. Curl the ends of your hair to make it look wavy and beautiful. It is the perfect style for brides who like to keep control of their hair while it still looks messy. Adorn the top of the hair with flowers, jewelry or clutches to perfect your pre-wedding look.

  • Side Braid With Adornments: Have long hair? Then, you can perfect the princess look with the side bride. It also keeps your bangs from bothering you during the haldi or mehndi function. The wedding planner in Rajasthan suggests you tie it up in a loose braid. You can use flowers or other decoration accessories to doll up.
    Side Braid With Adornments

  • Braid And Bun: Are you confused about opting buns or braids for the pre-wedding rituals? Then, never worry as the skilled planner can come with pointers that will suit the wedding theme and accentuates your overall look at the wedding venues in Jaipur. You can opt for the mixed style consisting of the French braid, which mixes into your bun. It gives you a classier appeal, which will make you look stunning and unique. You can make it more alluring by adding the jeweled hair band or flowers.

Why opt for the old updo when you can flaunt so many different hairstyles for your pre-wedding ceremony? The wedding planner in Goa can help you decrypt the ultimate hairstyle that will enhance your style and personality.

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