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Mother’s Retro Outfit And A Traditional Temple Wedding Is A Bride’s Fantasy?


Are you a traditional bride who wishes for a temple wedding? Then, the wedding decorator in Jaipur can make your fantasy come true. The wedding attire and the attire selected by your loved ones can also influence the overall visual appeal of your temple wedding. One of the popular yet unique styles is the retro outfit. Your mom can complement your look, so you can suggest the timeless classic look for your mom. A skilled planner can suggest some trendy weaves, dressing styles or pattern that also pays ode to the everlasting designs on your special day.

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  • Fancy Florals: The wedding event planner can channel the retro look to enhance the appeal of your mom on your special day. So, the creative planner can incorporate floral designs to the wedding trousseau. The charming classic designs will make everyone fall in love with it. The bride’s mom can rock the retro look as you have different choices in the fabulous collection. From the flower prints to the floral embroideries, your mom can wear stunning sarees for your temple wedding.

  • Bold Blouses: Unlike the popular misconception that women never flaunted in sensuality in earlier days, they embraced their style. The retro designs helped them to show their sensual side naturally and comfortably. The wedding decorator in Jaipur can bring out the hidden style with charming results. The blouse designs with great add-ons can give a truly retro feel. The simple yet basic designs that include dots, frills, collars, puffs, and little laces adds elegance to the wedding attire.

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  • Print Power: Prints have never gone out of fashion as it has an eternal elegance to it. The wedding event planner can suggest the breezy prints for bringing back the retro fashion trends to your temple wedding. Your mom can flaunt the prints on the festive lehengas, stunning sarees or shararas that offers convenience and practicality.

  • Sheer Styles: The sheer details on the saree blouses can make your mom look glamorous without losing charm. The wedding decorator in Jaipur can even suggest net sarees or half and half sarees with net pallus. The sheer adornments with net bacs or net pleats also look sensual. It is perfect for a traditional temple ceremony as the contrasting designs can catch everyone’s attention. Your mom can rock the look that has a peekaboo effect.

  • Shapely Necklines: Lovely and shapely necks made omen look awesome in older days. The swan necks, which was hugely popular in the 1960s and 1970s have come back with a bang. The wedding event planner can opt the shapely neckline for the lehengas, salwarkameez or saree blouses to make your mom look like a goddess. It goes perfectly with the retro-styled dresses. The skilled planner can suggest heavy neckpieces along with the design to look elegant and stunning for your temple wedding.

The wedding decorator in Jaipur can come up with some stunning suggestion for the outfit of your mom that suits your temple wedding vision perfectly. The forgotten trends can add elegance to your traditional temple wedding ceremony. The stunning and stylish wedding attire series not only complements your wedding look but also enhances the feel of your wedding theme. You can emulate the designs in your wedding to make an impact that will garner appreciation from everyone.

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