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Peacock Mandap Decoration By Fiestro Event


Among all the aspects of your wedding function, the mandap holds a significance place. It is the integral element of the wedding decoration that has high importance. It is also connected emotionally to your wedding ceremony as you take sacred vows to love and cherish your partner forever. So, you need to incorporate a design that is trendy. The peacock mandap is now popular as it is the symbol of opulence as well as pride. As the national bird of India, the stunning bird also signifies royalty. So, the top 10 wedding planner in India can draw inspiration from nature to develop a beautiful mandap that will make your wedding ceremony special. The different decoration ideas inspired by the peacock designs will enhance the visual appeal of your ceremony.

Peacock Mandap Decoration By Fiestro Events

  • Wooden Peacock Mandap: Want a royal and exquisite look to the mandap? Then, the wedding planner in India can use the intricately designed wooden peacock mandap. The designs crafted by fine artisans will look stunning with the decorations opted by the professional planner. The mandap is perfect for a traditional wedding that encompasses all the rituals and traditions. The creative brilliance of the design will strike a chord with the guests and garner appreciation for sure!

  • Floral Peacock Mandap: The use of beautiful flowers for the mandap is not unheard of. But, the best wedding planner in India can use the floral decorations to render to the peacock theme. It is perfect for indoor as well as an outdoor wedding. The beautiful designs with look good for your perfect summer wedding. You can opt for rich appeal or subtle hints depending on your preference. So, the professional decorator can use the right flowers to decorate the mandap according to your dreams.

    Floral Peacock Mandap

  • Drapes Peacock Mandap: If you like simple and minimalistic designs for your peacock mandap, then the professional planner can come with the best ideas. The top 10 wedding planner in India can use drapes with hues that match the peacock theme. The use of shades of green, violet, blue, and yellow for the mandap will look visually alluring. The peacock installations along with the drapes can make the mandap look regal without spending too much money.

  • Crystal Peacock Mandap: The wedding planner in India can use the crystal peacock pillars for your mandap. It will look royal and elegant against your wedding décor. The professional planners can adorn it with flowers, frames, crystal hangings, or statues of gods to make it look stunning. The design will ooze charm and sophistication. It is perfect to take the vows and start the new phase of your life. You can choose from six or eight peacock pillars depending on your vision. It will make your guest drool at the design.

The mandap acts as the focal point for the Indian wedding ceremony. You take the first step in the mandap as the couple.

Therefore, all your guests hone their attention on the mandap. So, you need an exquisite design that looks and feels perfect. The best wedding planner in India can decorate it perfectly to fit seamlessly into your theme and have a memorable visual impact on your guests.

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