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Some Mehndi Ideas That Will Glaze Your Eyes


Mehndi events must never look alike. So, your pre-wedding ceremony must reflect your style and personality. The henna nights is not restricted to applying the mehndi on your hands but also offers you a chance to have a relaxed time before the main event. You need to incorporate unique ideas that can make your event more fun and full of entertainment. The event organiser in Jaipur can help you implement some creative ideas that will touch the heart of your guests. The exciting activities suggested by the skilled professional can transform the simple pre-wedding ceremony into an unforgettable event that will bring happy tears in everyone’s eyes.

  • Romantic Performance: If you or sweetheart have the talent to dance or sing, then you can dedicate a special performance to show how much you love your sweetheart. The destination wedding planner in India can help you put together a romantic show that will entertain the guests and tug at their heartstrings. You can create a sensational trend with the heartfelt performance that will stay in the memory of the guests for a long time.

  • Quirky Photo Booth: Gone are the days when you have to force your relatives and guests to take photos. Today, skilled planners can create a photo booth that depicts the story of your wedding in a beautiful manner. The addition of props and other accessories by the event organiser in Jaipur makes it look charming and mesmerizing. The stunning photographs with vibrant backdrops will glaze everyone’s eyes.

    Quirky Photo Booth

  • Family Games: Priyanka Chopra’s wedding with Nick Jonas captured the attention of national and international media. It also provided a unique idea for having competition between the bride’s side and the groom’s side. The destination wedding planner in India can organize some interesting and entertaining games like tug of war or dumb charades to help the families have a gala time.

    Family Games

  • Dance With DJ: Take the entertainment to next level with the DJ performance. Opt for the popular and peppy wedding songs. Your friends and relatives can let their hair loose and have good fun. The event organiser in Jaipur can oversee the selection and execution of the trending film songs that will tempt everyone to shake their leg. So, you can laugh, enjoy, and have crazy fun before getting hitched.

  • Touching Message Boards: Every couple entering the next phase of their life need advice and guidance to ensure they live a happy and satisfying life. Why not ask the guests and friends impart their wisdom on the married life? The destination wedding planner in India can come up with the creative method to make it possible. You can have a message basket in your Mehndi ceremony. Everyone can put their thoughts in the message basket and you can have fun reading it.

For a mehndi ceremony that stays in the memory of the guests for a long time, you need to get the assistance of the event organiser in Jaipur. The intricate planning and perfect execution of the ceremony can ensure the ceremony is grand. Everyone attending the function will cherish the memory as it provides a lot of fun and excitement.

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