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Symmetrical Passage Decoration Ideas For Your Big Fat Wedding


How can you take your wedding ceremony to new heights? With every couple wishing for a customized and unique ceremony, it is the question that haunts most of them. Many aspects of the ceremony may influence the overall outcome. But, some small yet significant details can make a powerful impact. One such detail that often you may overlook is the wedding passage decoration. When your guests enter the wedding venue, they need to get a glimpse of what to expect. It can heighten their curiosity and make a memorable impression. So, using the symmetrical passage to welcome your guests can serve the purpose. The top wedding planners can help you with it as the creative professionals can select the perfect passage and decorate it to match the wedding theme. The aesthetic and beautiful arbor can reflect the mood of your big fat wedding. Here are some symmetrical passage decoration ideas that can bring new meaning to the ceremony.

  • Rectangular Frame: It is the most common one you can find at the wedding entrance. The wedding planner in Udaipur can use a wooden arch and decorate it with flowers, drapes or even LED lights to make the wedding entrance look inviting and warm. It uses pillars for building the arch. The beautiful adornments that match your wedding theme and color can provide the perfect backdrop for taking stunning photographs.

  • Semi-Circular Arch: As the name suggests, it has a semi-circular shape on top of two pillars. It is one of the popular symmetrical passage used in the Indian PHOTO-2019-02-27-23-59-33-2wedding. The top wedding planners can decorate with types of flora and fauna to provide an exquisite appeal to the wedding venue. The numerous vines and flowers add vibrancy to the wedding ceremony. I
    t is perfect for couples who wish to provide a regal entry to their guests.

  • Lancet Arch: Lancet derives its name due to its striking similarity to a lance. It comes with a pointed arch at its top. The wedding planner in Udaipur can use the symmetrical passageway to provide a mesmerizing entry to your guests. By using shimmering lights, enticing drapes, or glitters, the planners can create an archway that adds an oomph factor to your Indian wedding.

  • Circular Entrance: Are you planning for an outdoor wedding? Then, not only the top wedding planners can find you the perfect location but also create an entrance that can blow the minds of people. Opting the circular entrance for the wedding can enhance the look and feel of the outdoor ambiance. Your wedding will look like a modern fairytale with the exquisite circular archway decorated with fresh blooms. The mesmerizing backdrop is perfect to take wedding selfies and pictures.

The wedding arches have cultural as well as religious significance. It is the representation of divine presence. So, it offers you protection from the negative forces and provides blessings for the new phase of your life. With the help of the wedding planner in Udaipur, you can embrace the stunning symmetrical passage decoration ideas that uplift the mood of your wedding ceremony. It can also make a powerful visual impact to ensure your guests feel the warm welcome.

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