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The Saas-bahu Jodi Will Rock This Year in Pre-Wedding Photoshoot


Pre-wedding photo-shoots are the new norm during the wedding season. Be it any wedding planner in India or a wedding planner in Jaipur, they would definitely recommend the best wedding photographers who would suggest the quirkiest ideas to get a beautiful pre-wedding photoshoot done, not with the groom, but with your mother in law.

It is essential that the bride gels along with the mother in law because it is she who is going to spend the maximum amount of time with her. If it is a groom, you can head over to an exotic locale, and it wouldn’t be a surprise. However, the bonds formed during the entire process are for a lifetime. Nevertheless, it is not applicable only to the groom and the bride, but also to the mother in law and the bride.

The mother in law and the brideImage Source: Google Images

Capturing the love, affection and the camaraderie between the ladies, could be challenging. Gathering all the love and friendship and encapsulating it in one frame is all that your wedding photographer works for. Therefore, do not let go of the opportunity and make the best out of it, for you never know that it could be the best time of your life!

Go for a swag-filled photoshoot. Your wedding planner in Jaipur can set you up for the best locales in the city which is mandatory. Dress up with your mother in law and take her out for a lunch date and top it up with a candid pre-wedding photoshoot. Rope in the best make up artists who can deck you up as a perfect Saas-bahu Jodi. Twinning is in vogue, therefore, go ahead with it. It will worth the try for all you know! Discuss the themes and clothing that you would want to do before the photoshoot such that you always picture ready. Now you don’t want to upstage each other, therefore ensure that the accessories and the couture compliment each other, just as you would do with your groom.

In case your mother in law is ultra-classy and has strong connections with the roots, get in touch with the wedding planner in Jaipur to get you a palatial look and feel locale which would act as a perfect photoshoot location. Signing up for a session at the beauty salon to get dressed for the occasion is a bonding moment for both of you. You could fly down from your hometown to one of the exotic places shortlisted by the wedding planner in Jaipur to add that touch of royalty to your photoshoot. Floral rain showers and the likes are in the trend and sure to turn heads when you upload them to the social media websites.

Go for candid shots, beautiful themes, show off your posing skills and clothing styles, bond over a spa session which could be converted into a beautiful pre-wedding photoshoot. So, not only do you bond with your mother in law but also ensure that you get the maximum likes on your pictures. Isn’t that great news already.

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