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Want An Add-on To Your Boring Yellow Haldi Ceremony?


Many feel the haldi ceremony is boring. Are you one of them? Then, you need the assistance of the professional wedding planner in Jaipur to incorporate some exciting ideas into the haldi ceremony to make it more entertaining and exciting. The creative planners can suggest some add-ons to convert the dull ceremony into an exciting celebration with close family members. The addition of vibrant colors and crazy events can entertain your guests and make it a memorable occasion. You can also relax from the tedious wedding preparations that can drain your energy. So, here are some fascinating ideas that not only breaks the ice between the families but also makes a joyous and fun-filled occasion.

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  • Customized Badges: The event management company in Jaipur can get customized badges for everyone who attends the wedding. The badges explaining the relation that each person has to you in a quirky manner makes the ceremony fun-filled. Everyone can have a laugh and it also makes a perfect prop for photos.

  • Hali Holi Party: Do you need to feel to add some vibrancy to the haldi ceremony? Then, the best wedding planner in Jaipur can get organic colors and convert your haldi celebration into holi party. The inclusion of the smoke bomb allows everyone a chance to play around. Doesn’t it sound interesting?

  • Combined Haldi: A new tradition that has captured everyone’s attention is celebrating the haldi ceremony together. The bride and groom can have a combined ceremony to make it merrier. The wedding planner in Jaipur can plan a ceremony that will spread a smile on both the bride and groom’s faces. The haldi ceremony not only works magic on your skin but also on the bond you share with each other.

  • Crazy Activities: The event management company in Jaipur can plan some crazy and wild activities that will help everyone enjoy the day. All your close relatives can have utmost fun with the musical chair, kurta tearing (for groomsmen) or even the haldi bath. The creative planner can incorporate some quirky ideas that will mesmerize the young and old alike. Everyone will have a gala time enjoying the celebration and will make unforgettable memories. It is the perfect opportunity to have some time with your loved ones before you tie the knot.

  • Flower Petals: Some people do not like the use of organic colors or holi. In such cases, the best wedding planner in Jaipur can include flowers in the event that will help your friends and family members have a good time. The exotic flower petals can tempt everyone to play around and have a fun time.

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Haldi ceremonies are a significant part of the Indian wedding ceremony. Though every community has different customs and traditions for the wedding, many have haldi ceremony as a common ritual. It keeps the negativity away from the new couple and imbibes positive energy. Why make it a boring ceremony that no one enjoys? The event management company in Jaipur can plan everything in advance to ensure you have fun during the ceremony. The fascinating add-ons suggested by the professional planner can make the event more engaging and fun-filled.

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