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Wedding Accessories Suggested By The Wedding Planner In Jaipur For Men To Look Good On Your D-Day


The wedding is a special event for both the bride and groom. But, most of the times, the bride steals the show. Why should the groom look the second best? The wedding planner in India can offer a suggestion to ensure you look the best on your special day. So, the professional planner not just helps with the wedding attire but also points the best accessories to enhance your look. The accessories will reflect style and personality to the T. The right accessories can make a powerful visual impact. You will complement the look of the bride and together you both will make a stunning couple.

  • Turban/Pagdi: For a traditional wedding, the groom must wear a turban. But, gone are the days when you have to settle for mediocre design. The top 10 wedding planner in India will help you select a beautiful and elegant turban decorated with semi-precious stones. The turban adorned with bead lining or brooch will add a royal touch to your wedding look. The skilled planner can suggest the right color and design that will complement your entire wedding look.


  • Stunning Neck Wear: To look like a king on your wedding day, you need accessories like neck wear to ooze sophistication and style. The wedding planner in India can find the perfect neck wear to complement your wedding attire. You can opt from the beaded necklace or long necklace to add elegance to your outfit. The perfect neck wear ill compliments your traditional sherwani and make you swoon-worthy.

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  • Cuff Link: You do not need bulky or heavy accessories to show your panache. But, some small accessories can definitely make an impression on the big day. One among them is the cuff-links. The best wedding planner in India can opt for the stylish looking designs that will add an oomph factor to your overall wedding appearance. The precious, semi-precious, crystal or simple designs will make a major style statement.

  • Pocket Square: The pocket square is nothing but the silk cloth folded nicely and placed on the upper pocket of your wedding attire’s pocket. The visible piece of clothing often gives the bride a classy look. Therefore, the Wedding Planner in Jaipur can find the elegant design that will complement your attire.

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  • Shoes: Shoes often give you a well-groomed look. You need to find the perfect shoe for your big day. It is important to come to a decision on the material, design, and comfort factor of the shoes. The top 10 wedding planner in India can help you decide on the perfect choice from the leather shoes to the traditional Rajasthani mojris to look trendy and stylish.

By getting assistance from the wedding planner in Jaipur, you can look great alongside your bride. Take the lifelong vows in style as the stunning couple by adding the accessories to your wedding outfit. The stylish yet traditional accessories will enhance your appearance and accentuate your charisma and sophistication. Get the suggestion from the creative planner and invest in the accessories that will make you look a class apart from others.

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