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Wedding invitation trend in 2018


Wedding invitations and save the dates and the likes are the first things that are sent out to family and friends. It is important that it sets the mood for the wedding such that your guests know what to expect and when to expect them. It is important that it be classy and amazing, uniqueness aside, it should be personalized such that it feels you really need people by your side even if you are miles apart. It is important and should be done just right. Top wedding planners fail to get it right sometimes. However, you can avoid that making an informed and aware decision.

2018 has a different trend for wedding invitations and we have been surprised over and over again with the ideas that are floating around.

  • Invitations with handcrafted cards and a piece of jewelry for the girl gang: The girl gang is always important and the invitation for them should be one of a kind. Laser cut out cards and gift boxes containing handcrafted jewelry which are made just for the people who mean something to you. It is important that it sends out a message that you want them by your side when they tie the knot and it shouldn’t be anything other than special.

  • Water colors: It might sound childish, but water colors are a great way to design your wedding cards. It has soft undertones, it has a calming feature and the choices of colors just make it better. A pastel trend is in season and you can make use of the seasonal trend to make it even better. If it is spring go bright on the tones, if it is winter or autumn, you can use the warm and cozy colors. The vibe set is one of a kind and it only gets better when you have personalized it.

    Water colors Wedding CardsImage Source: Google Image

  • Acrylic: Traditional, modern, contemporary or quirky, Acrylic has never failed anybody. You could go two dimensional or even more than that making your wedding invitation one of kind. It is different and has a different vibe to it. Check with your wedding planner in Udaipur if they can get hold of a press who can do these acrylic invitations for you! Again, the color combination and the choice is your call. You can have the designer draw a couple of prototypes for you such that it fits the occasion perfectly.

  • Layer it with romance and rustic features: Dark backgrounds, hand-painted designs, rustic touches such as ropes and strings add another dimension to the wedding invitations. It is not just one single piece of paper, it has layers and layers which mention different information and events. Ensure that they are crafted to perfection and sealed with love and care.

  • Blind letterpress: It is a quality of printing where ink is never used. The patterns and the text are embossed on to the card and it is legible too. Even if the process is kind of exhausting, it is one of a kind and it makes it as special as it can get.

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