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Yes, You Can Opt For Partial Wedding Planning Also


As soon as the wedding date is fixed, hiring the wedding venue and contracting the vendors become the top priorities. If it is a destination wedding, both the tasks become more challenging. Most of trending wedding venues in Jaipur and Udaipur like top wedding destinations in Rajasthan have online presence to simplify the task of couples; many times, the vendors are also finalized online. But, the perfect wedding needs to take care of other concerns also like the ceremony management, guests’ entertainment, menu planning, theme decoration, dress designing, transportation etc. More likely, you are not going to have sufficient time to manage all the management issues on the wedding day better you hire a wedding event planner for partial planning.

  • Concept to Hire Partial Wedding Planner in India: Many people have experience in making arrangements for a marriage event but the task becomes typical in case of destination wedding because of limited knowledge of resources. The person far from the wedding destination finds it difficult to judge the real picture of online proposals forwarded by the hoteliers and vendors. The five- star or luxury wedding venues have standard facilities but these too may need to be changed as per budget and particular plans. Here, comes the role of local partial wedding planner.

    Under the concept of hiring a partial event planner is to get the guidance and assistance wherever needed. Although the responsibilities of partial wedding planner become more because of limited liberty to fix the deal, still, it costs less. The marriage professional assists the couple at every stage, whenever, they feel unable to decide with confidence or feel lacking in required time. The major advantage of hiring local partial event organizer is that you get wider knowledge of available options at particular destination. The scope of services of partial event organizer is flexible but it should be detailed at the start to fix the responsibilities.

  • Scope of Partial Wedding Event Organizer’s Services: Outsourcing partial planning services is good for the couples who need professionally perfect guidance regarding decor, dress designing, planning, theme, style etc. The wedding planner helps at every stage to let you shape your dream without any hassle. The scope of partial wedding event organizer’s services can be categorized for particular concerns for easy management:

  • Consultation 3-4 weeks ahead of wedding date

  • Creating wedding plan

  • Confirming vendors booking

  • Each of these categories can be expanded as per requirement:

    Consultation Services: The initial wedding consultation service is provided through telephone or personally. The scope of consultation includes budget discussion, wedding timeline planning, checklist and scheduling of advance planning sessions. If not done already, the venue recommendation also comes under it. The wedding planner helps you plan the ceremonies according to the budget, available space, venue, convenience, gathering etc. Sharing unique and the latest wedding styles and exploring the possibilities to make some changes according to couple’s likings also come under the scope of partial wedding planner.

  • Creating Wedding Plan: The local person knows better than you; therefore, he can recommend the more and better options. All the top wedding planners have specialists for each task. Team work fills all the gaps in planning. Wedding planning includes the scheduling of ceremonies, guests arrangements, transportation, vendors management, souring of goods etc. As being local, the wedding planner can make the purchases much better at lower price. In addition, the reputed event organizers have contacts with reliable suppliers; therefore, they need the least follow ups.

    Creating Wedding PlanImage Source: Google Image

  • Confirming Vendors Booking: Although it seems a small concern but the overall success rate of destination wedding highly depends upon the performance of vendors. Even after the booking, the vendors need the host’s involvement. Would you have time to tackle diverse issues? The wedding planner tracks the vendors like photographer, DJ, mehendi artist, cinematographer, make-up man, hair specialist etc and make all the arrangements to support them perform as per plans.

  • Concluding Note: There is no hard line to limit the scope of partial event planner; the scope is decided at the first meeting preferably personal meeting. The active role of partial wedding event planner may start before the first ceremony or just before the wedding day ceremony but the enrollment much ahead of time is must.

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